Know Your Ireland 3.0 - Sneak Peak 2 Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sneak Peak 2:
We have updated the puzzle in Know Your Ireland and there are now two different types of Puzzle: Flip Puzzle & Spread Puzzle. It is also possible to show and hide the guides for each county making the puzzle more difficult.

The Flip Puzzle presents each piece one at a time and says the name of each county. You can use the mouse to flip through the pieces to find the right one, then you can drag and drop it to the correct position using the mouse. If the county is placed in the correct location it will snap into position, if it is not, it will spring back to the stack.

The Spread Puzzle randomly spreads the pieces around the screen and you must then place each puzzle in the correct position, each time you play the pieces will be scattered to a different position. When you drag and drop the piece to the correct location it will snap into position and change colour, if it is not, it will not change colour.

You can also keep track of your fastest time, each time you complete the puzzle your fastest time will be added to the scoreboard.

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