Know Your World & Monday, January 14, 2008

We are currently looking into some issues about the links to from Know Your World, we will keep you posted but have contacted about the issues and awaiting their response. has become our web encyclopedia of choice for future products and is included in our all new Know Your Ireland 3.0, and it also has the the option to disable web links too. We will be moving over to Wikipedia for all future products as they do not have any adverts on their website.

We are also very interested in what Google are developing in competition to Wikipedia, called Knols. According to Google Knols will be a much better encyclopedia as it will be regulated by pier reviews.

UPDATE 15 Jan 2008
We received a response promptly from, see reply email below:

"We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Your message was passed on to our advertising partners to place on the “Do not display” list. This ad should be removed from in the coming days. Thanks for your input."

"Should you come across any other ads like that please let us know. We make every attempt to make a family and child friendly website. On occasion, ads like the one you pointed out will slip by our censors. We then remove them as soon as we can. Thanks for your input."

So if you notice any adverts not suitable on please let me know and I will follow them up immediately. If you wish to have a Know Your World CD-Rom with links to Wikipedia instead of please let me know.