Interactive Whiteboards Sunday, May 18, 2008

Interactive Whiteboards are a great way of using technology to aid teaching in the classroom. We highly recommend their use and encourage schools check them out. We have ensured that our software works seamlessly with the latest white board technology.

Our software works great with interactive whiteboards and we have tested each title on all the popular boards: Smart Board, Promethean, 3M and Mimio and works perfectly with each. Our software is ideal for group work using the interactive whiteboard or can be used with our printable worksheets. This enables teachers to discuss lessons through the interactive whiteboard while students complete our worksheets.

We highly recommend using our software with interactive whiteboards for group classroom work as it greatly enhances the learning experience.

There is also a low budget alternative to interactive whiteboards using a Nintendo Wii remote and clever software from Ph.D. student Johnny Chung Lee. This works great with a projector but requires some extra work and of course no technical support.

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