Know Your Europe 2.0 - Sneak Peak 1 Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am very happy to say that Know Your Europe 2.0 will be available in December, it took longer then expected but we have added many new topics and think it was worth the wait:

  • About Europe (includes satellite photos)
  • UN Regions
  • Countries
  • Capital Cities
  • Major Cities
  • Mountains
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Islands
  • Oceanography

We have also added the following features which greatly improve the learning experience:

  • High quality maps of each country.
  • Over 50 photos from across Europe.
  • Excellent printable worksheets.
  • Fifty Countries of Europe, including Microstates.
  • Updated with Kosovo and Montenegro.
  • Puzzle of countries is greatly improved.
  • Google Earth and Wikipedia web links.
  • Updated and evolved interface.
  • Many more enhancement throughout Know Your Europe 2.0

Once the CDs are ready we will being mailing them to customers, please be patient as we have a large number of CDs to mail.

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