Know Your Europe 2.0 - Sneak Peak 5 Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sneak Peak 5
The CDs were mailed out to schools the week of 08 December. Schools should receive them this week, but due to Christmas mail it may take longer to deliver than usual.

Country Maps
Detail maps of each country are provided in both English and Irish, these greatly improve the learning experience and are very detailed. The School Edition also enables you to print the map plus a country fact file.

Each topic and geographic feature is narrated by Nicola Crean in both English agus Gaeilge, this greatly improves the quizzes and allows the user to hear each feature.

National Flag
The national flag and a brief description of each country are provided, there is also a brief description of each feature. This is backed up by the optional Wikipedia links.

About Europe
The new section about Europe features some brief stats on Europe and the EU. It also features satellite photography from NASA, including a map that can me enlarged to full screen and shows the historic weather patterns. This is great for Digital Projectors and Whiteboards.

English & Gaeilge
The CD-Rom of Know Your Europe comes with both the English edition and Irish edition of Know Your Europe, Aithnigh d’Eorap.

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