January 20, 2009 is inauguration day for the new president of the United States, Barack Obama. To celebrate the inauguration we have created a nine page worksheet (1.0 MB) about the United States, perfect for school. If you want to learn more about the United States please consider our awarding winning Know Your USA software.

Page 1: Map of USA with Regions and States marked.
Page 2: Join the Dots maps of the USA.
Page 3: Map with each State name and the Capital.
Page 4: Name the States of the USA pop quiz worksheet.
Page 5: Blank Flag of the United States, great for colouring.
Page 6: Barack Obama factfile with colouring.
Page 7: Washington DC factfile with photos.
Page 8: Barack Obama factfile and photo.
Page 9: US Election Results worksheet, colour in the winner of each state.

This worksheet is perfect for printing and photocopying. It is a great introduction to the United States and excellent classroom activity for the inauguration.

Download Worksheet on the United States of America

We also have a free online quiz for testing your knowledge of each State in the United States. Play it online at our website. Remember that each aspect of the USA is covered in detail in our award winning Know Your USA software. You can also watch the YouTube Animaniacs cartoon clip we posted a few weeks ago, a quick way to introduce the United States to younger children.

The inauguration takes place at 12:00 in Washington DC (17:00 GMT) on Tuesday January 20, this is too late to watch in school, but our worksheet is perfect classwork or for home work exercise that evening.

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