Know Your Europe 2.2 Friday, October 01, 2010

This week we updated Know Your Europe to version 2.2. This is a minor update, but some of the features added include:
  • Flags of the country quiz added.
  • Make your own weather report with weather icons.
  • Improved interactive whiteboard feature set.
  • Onscreen keyboard added for Examine section.
  • Onscreen keyboard now works under Windows 64-bit.
  • Easier to see Study data as background is darkened.
  • Better support when used with NetBooks.
  • Photos can now be resized to 800x600.
  • Position of photo and map buttons changed, easier to use with IWB.
  • Different pen colors added, including a highlighter.
  • Improved printing, crisp text and high resolution printing now standard.
  • Other minor bug fixes and corrections made.
  • Full Windows 7 and Vista Aero support.
If you have Know Your Europe 2.0 please email us at for the latest update and we can forward on download details. If you have a previous version of Know Your Europe and wish to upgrade to the latest release please contact us for pricing information.