Grant and Software Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update December 03, 2010

The Department of Education and the NCTE updated their FAQ and terms for using the ICT Grant. It is now possible to use the grant money to purchase educational software. See extract below or read at the full updated terms on the NCTE website. This is great news and allows every school to purchase our software using their grant money.

Q: Can I use the ICT grant to purchase software?
A: Schools which have the baseline ICT equipment ( ie. a teaching computer, long range wireless keyboard & mouse, and a fixed digital projector) in each classroom may use the grant to make once-off (outright) purchases of appropriate educational software. Purchases which involve recurring charges (for example, annual license, leasing or usage fees) are not eligible.

Robbie O'Leary has also posted a topic on the CESI Group online. It confirms that if a school has all the baseline infrastructure in place, they can purchase software with their grants.
"I can confirm that DES and NCTE have agreed that primary schools that have the baseline infrastructure in place may purchase software from their grants."

Robbie O'Leary, Killinarden, Tallaght

This is a very welcomed decision by the NCTE. All our software is a once off purchase, no recurring fee or license. If you have any questions about the NCTE and the ICT Grant you can email the NCTE at

If you want to purchase our software or have any question in relation to this give me a call and I'll be happy to help. All our software is developed in Ireland with Irish teachers to support the Irish Primary School Curriculum.


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