BETT 2011 Thursday, January 13, 2011

Photos from BETT 2011

This week I visited BETT 2011 for a look and to see what the largest technology in education show in Europe has to offer. It was an excellent conference and a great day. I would recommend that any teacher in Ireland try to get over for the conference if they have an interest in technology.

To find out more information visit the BETT website:

Highlights of the Show:
All the major players had huge stands, Smart, Promethean, Mimio, Microsoft, Google, Espresso Education, 2Simple, Shakespeare In Bits, Quizdom and Epson.

Promethean announced their touch board interactive whiteboard, which detects hand movements, but you can still use the pen too. Works well with younger kids.

Other wow factor items were the 3D projectors, which although look kinda cool, I don't see huge demand or need for these in schools. I think within a couple of years 3D will be included as standard but few schools will make use of it due to lack of content and the need for googles for each kid.

This year I noticed a lack of curriculum based software apart from the content provided by the large subscription based providers.

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