EdWare Software and AWE Learning Monday, July 04, 2011

EdWare is proud to announce that our award winning software titles are now featured on the excellent AfterSchool Edge solution from AWE Learning. Know Your Europe and Know Your USA are great for learning all about Europe and the United States, we are delighted that our range of software has been included in this excellent solution by AWE.

About EdWare
EdWare is the leading developer of curriculum software for schools in Ireland. Currently over 1,200 schools use our software for teaching maths and geography. Our award winning geography series offers students an easy environment to learn all about the world around them.

About the AfterSchool Edge
The AfterSchool Edge from AWE is the first complete digital learning solutions designed specifically for out-of-classroom use. Available on either a netbook or a touchscreen desktop computer, the AfterSchool Edge features 50 top-rated educational software titles that appeal to ages 6-14 years old. There is something for everyone!

About AWE
50 million learning hours and counting. AWE develops and markets self-directed digital learning products that address critical concerns of early education. AWE's products immerse children in an extremely rich environment where the content is always engaging and challenging, the technology is appropriate and reliable, and the administration and assessment is easy for adults to use and understand.