The History of Irish Architecture Friday, June 15, 2012

Craggaunowen at Sixmilebridge Co. Clare  
If you want to learn about the history of Irish architecture, pop over to the Houses, Castles, Gardens of Ireland website for a quick overview. Sample extract below:

Early Medieval: 500AD - 1150
The most common form of house style during this period was the ring-fort - a circular area of earth surrounded by a bank and ditch. In some cases stone was used in the defensive enclosure and these are known as cashels. Over 45,000 examples still remain today. Also dating from this period were crannogs (from the Irish crann – tree) - an artificial island built in the shallow areas of lakes with the houses surrounded by a timber palisade or fence. These can be spotted in the landscape as small tree covered islands close to the lake shore – both the ringforts and crannogs most commonly contained circular houses.

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