Web Site Issue Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We are having major issues with our website today.

The company who host our website, Register365.ie have a massive issue with the server our website is hosted on, they had a complete systems failure. Due to this issue our website has been unavailable today. They are working to fix this issue and we have to wait and hope it's resolved soon.

Sorry for the down time. Follow us at twitter for latest news https://twitter.com/edwarelearning

Update: August 22 @ 12:00
Register365.ie is working on the problem at the moment.

Update: August 22 @ 20:20
Register365.ie has still not resolved this problem. I have changed the blog so you can view it for the latest updates. Hopefully EdWare.ie will be back up tomorrow, it's in the hands of the engineers at Register365.ie ;-(

Update: August 23 @ 09:00
Still having issues, they assure me they are working on it.

Update: August 23 @ 11:30
Website back online! Sorry for the outage.